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The Light Peppered Night

The Light Peppered Night


It's 11:15. Nothing seems to work anymore. His therapist is about as helpful as a rock, and even the Pomeranian can see his secret. There is something terribly wrong with Mr. Edward Rifkin. With each sunset he reclines into an empty bed accompanied by a deep aching that something has been forgotten, and when the morning comes he starts again the colorless parade. When an irresistible beckoning wakes him in the night, he is drawn closer a bartender with a palate for adventures and paper stars named Jenna, and with the arrival of Kat, his smart-mouthed sister, his isolated world will never be the same. Aided by clues in bananas, crayons, and terracotta pots, Edward's exacting mind uncovers the secret truth he has been seeking.

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